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4 Step Process for GA4 Set Up


Finalising the requirements

We will share list of events that needs to be tracked after reviewing your requirements.

For Ex:

E-Commerce: Add To Cart, Check out, Purchase

Lead Gen: Lead Submission, Newsletter sign up

Timeline : 2 days

Step 1

Creating DataLayer code

Data layer is a JavaScript code that is used to pass information from your website to Tag Manager.

We will write datalayer codes for all the events.

Timeline : 3 days

Step 2

Implementation of code

Website's tech team / agency partner need to implement this code on the backend.

Note: We don't implement the codes on website /app.

Timeline : 2 Weeks

Step 3

Set up tags in GTM

Once data layer codes are implemented, we will set up tags in tag manager to pass events data to GA4.

Timeline : 1 Week

Step 4

Project handover

Frequently Asked Questions

Why migrate to GA4 ?

There are 3 major reasons:

1) All standard Universal Analytics properties (GA 3) will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023. So it is compulsory to GA 4 to track user behaviour on your website / app.”

2) All web browsers are phasing out third party cookies. GA4 is compatible with that.

3) GA 4 has new data model and analytics capabilities.

Ex: Cross device tracking, Path exploration etc

In how much time can you complete the project ?

4 weeks

Will you implement the datalayer codes on website / app ?

No. We don’t implement the codes on website /app. Brand’s tech team / agency partner need to implement this code on the backend.

Can you set up custom events ?

Yes. We can set up custom events like newsletter sign up, sign in, user logged out etc

What are the standard events for e-commerce set up?

Sr. no Events
1 view_promotion
2 select_promotion
3 view_item_list
4 select_item
5 view_detail
6 add_to_cart
7 remove_from_cart
8 begin_checkout
9 add_shipping_info
10 add_payment_info
11 purchase

For E-commerce as well Lead Generation Business